donderdag 5 oktober 2017

Quiltmania Mystery 'Torrington'

Zojuist kregen we bericht over de Mystery deel 5, wat we hierbij graag willen delen:

Please find below information about an Erratum regarding part 5 of the Mystery quilt by M Yeo.

Erratum: « Hearts All Around » block in Part 5 of Michelle Yeo’s Mystery Quilt

The A and B heart templates found on the Pattern B are not correctly named. You will find the correct version on the attached PDF document.

For those who have already cut the A and B hearts, there is nothing to worry about. There is enough fabric in the kit to cut new hearts from the correct fabrics.

For your information: For Part 6, Fabric #5, you will need the following measurements for the small pieces - 10 x 30 cm or 5 x 60 cm (3'' x 12'' or 1 1/2'' x 24'').

Those who have already cut the 4 strips from Fabric #9 measuring 23 x 240 cm (8 3/4'' x 95'') in Part 3, you will only need to cut a square measuring 7 x 7 cm (3'' x 3'').

Het gaat dus om de twee harten die met elkaar verwisseld zijn. Het kleinste hart moet A zijn. Er is genoeg stof in het pakket om ze nogmaals te knippen.

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